Every Time I Die Post Making of Ex-Lives Episode 1

Keith Buckley Making of Ex Lives Every Time I Die

The hipster dorks of Every Time I Die are at it again, blasting out another hardcore amalgamation ready to deliver boners not even your nut suffocating chick jeans could restrain. CEREAL. Watch your back, Warped dorks. I realize you’re too preoccupied with shit far more legit than these stalwarts of the scene, but if bitches ain’t gonna recognize, IMMALETEMKNOW.

Anyway, this clip is part one of the ‘Making of Ex Lives‘ mini-series and features Keith Buckley, ring leader of this merry band of suburban heroes. Keith breaks down the cover art for their upcoming shit-kicker, “Ex-Lives“, due March 6th. Pre-Order Here

Inherently, ETID‘s music doesn’t meet the criteria necessary to receive Hood Certification. Anything beyond some street-as-fuck bass drops and an epic breakdown is pure faggotry. When are these dicks gonna wake up and realize chicks don’t give a fuck about artsy shit like, “clever wordplay” and “transcending genres”? When the bass drops, the panties drop, pure and simple. Ask that BRO from the class of ’08 circling the parking lot of your old high school with the pair of 12s in the back, he knows what the fuck is up.

However, when Swag Factor is considered, ETID‘s hood status is off the fucking charts, as demonstrated in this clip. While being so effortlessly cool, it makes me want to throw up on my fresh Nikes, Keith explains the origin of the photo. A photo, I must admit, that is about as hood metal as it fucking gets. Some hippie, with a Photoshopped Every Time I Die shirt, getting his shit handed to him by the 5-0 at the G8 Summit (whatever the shit that is). FUCK YES. Okay, maybe the shirt is real, maybe not… SEMANTICS.

Now we here at Hood Metal have a strict ‘Fuck the Police‘ policy, of course, but regardless of circumstance, police brewtality is metal as shit. I mean, what’s more metal than some amped up dickhead, still butt-hurt from getting cut from the community college football squad, relentlessly dickslapping a hapless tree-hugger in the back of the skull with a night stick? NOT SHIT.



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