3 Inches of Blood Streaming New Track “Leather Lord”

3 Inches of Blood Debut Leather Lord

In between shopping for collectible swords and ironing patches on their Canadian tuxedos, Cammy Pipes and the metal-opera nerds from 3 Inches of Blood have been hard at work on a new record and are debuting a new tune to peddle to your monkey ass.

Taking influence from whatever the “New Wave of British Heavy Metal” is (fuck if I know, I just saw it on Wikipedia), doesn’t exactly impress the ladies, which should be the primary object of any Hood Metal soldier. However, what 3iOB lack in vagina crushing ability, they more than make up for with sick-as-shit riffs, King Diamond-esque soaring vocals and sweet beards.

The band’s upcoming release, “Long Live Heavy Metal“, a title the band certainly contemplated over about 5 bong rips too many, is the fifth release from 3 Inches of Blood and is due for release on March 27th via Century Media Records. Oh, and guess what? Hold onto your fuckin’ hats here, kids. According to Cam, OMG, this is their most accomplished record yet…

“When a band is releasing a new record, they often speak about it being their most important work or best album to date,” explains vocalist Cam Pipes. “Regardless of how clichéd either statement may sound, I think we would say both apply to this album. All of us have a special feeling about this one. We’re more committed than ever to the cause of real, honest, no-bullshit heavy metal. No trends, no fucking around!”

IKNORITE?!? Metal BROs never drop bombs of this magnitude on the unsuspecting masses unless SHIT’S LEGIT. When are artists going to cut the crap? Everyone knows that once you get to like album 3, it’s time to phone that shit in anyway. No bullshit, Cam? Then what’s with all the Lord of the Rings shenanigans? And where the hell are the girls in bikinis?

Whatever, if you like high pitched wailing and hate chicks, check out the new tune they’re streaming entitled, “Leather Lord“… I’m not even gonna touch that one.

Swords, dragons, beards, excessive leather references… HOOD STATUS DENIED

3 Inches of Blood Album Cover


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