Emmure Release New Video for Drug Dealer Friend

Emmure Band Group Photo

GET HYPED HOOD METAL CREW! The biggest fucking band in the world and sure lock for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Emmure, have dropped another piece of metal history, guaranteed to be worshiped by generations of future pussy poseurs looking to sniff the throne.

I mean, this is it, folks. This what we’re here for. THIS IS HOOD METAL. Notes? Melodies? SONGWRITING? GTFO. My hood boys in Emmure know it’s fuggin’ CRUCIAL to let the song BREATHE. Just chug that shit wide open, throw out some ambiguous threats and commence synchronized head-banging/sweet hood poses. REPRESENT YO’ BLOCK, SUCKA.

I’ve got two words for you pussies… EPIC BUILD UP. Any musician will tell you it’s how you make it in the biz. The key is to fill about 2 minutes or so with just sweet chugging, throw in laser beam sound effects, some DJ Lethal-esque record scratching… it all equates to some hot hood foreplay. Then, when that breakdown comes, in all its massive glory… SKEET! SKEET! You come, like a fucking geyser. “Cut the shit, nut in the pit”, that’s always been my motto.

What really knocks this joint out the fuggin’ park is the gigantic sing-a-long subtitles… or titles… or vision obstructing lyrics. Whatever you wanna call ’em, they hot, SON. Another example of everyone being fucked: Designers or whatever putting out clothes with colors and patterns and SHIT. NOT IN MY HOUSE. Logos and gigantic, clichéd phrases best express my views of the world. Adjust accordingly, fruitcakes.

Anyway, totally fucking sweet video. I’m gonna go watch Frankie suck that bro’s dick. LATE.


Emmure are currently mixing their new album “Slave to the Game” which is due for release on April 10th through Victory Records.


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