Every Time I Die Post Making of Ex-Lives Episode 2

Every Time I Die Making of Ex Lives Andy Williams

In round two of the Every Time I DieMaking of Ex Lives” mini-series, guitarist Andy Williams describes his songwriting process in less than 17 seconds, a true Hood Metal move. FACT: Real artists know that genius comes from either hours upon hours of painstaking work, or a couple fat chronic blunts. Unless, of course, you’re a fucking anomaly with skills as legit as the boys in ETID, then the fat chronic blunts are just icing on the cake.

Thick framed glasses and goofy fuck flat cap aside, Awesome Andy lays it down with authority, making one of the most bitchingly bitching statements regarding the songwriting process any bro has every made. Being hood as fuck comes naturally, you either got swagger or you don’t, and Andy is lettin’ his nuts hang… BIG TIME.

“It might be like 4/4, but I’m gonna put as much fucked up stuff in it as possible”

Mark your calenders, trolls. Until “Ex Lives” drops on March 6th, this reporter will be suffering from the worst case of blue balls since that Hugh Hefner/Crystal Harris debacle. Although, I highly doubt I’ll live up to Mr. Hefner’s two-second legacy. Half a pump into this baby and I’m sure to be blowing ball draining loads all over my keyboard. RECORD OF 2012. Book it and lock it.

Awesome Andy is hard as fuck. Bonus points for the artsy n00d poster in the background. Nothing says “Brophistication” like titty posters.


Every Time I Die’s new record,“Ex-Lives”, is due March 6th through Epitaph Records
Pre-Order Here


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