Dillinger Escape Plan Unveil New “Parasitic Twins” Video

Dillinger Dscape Plan Parasitic Twins Music Video

Dillinger Escape Plan is hard to fuck with. Mainly due to Greg Puciato’s awe inspiring, rippling physique. Look at that beef. Snappin’ nex, cashin’ chex, SUCKA. There’s only one BRO I know of that can even step to Greg’s shit.

However, we have a very serious conundrum on our hands. Dillinger Escape Plan is a smart band. Perhaps a little too smart for the Hood Metal Crew. The band executes, with military like precision, a metal/hardcore hybrid that is as dizzying and unorthodox as their incredible live presentation… or so I hear. I barely leave the house unless Emmure’s in town. So the question is posed, are DEP Hood Metal?

BITCH, YOU’Z TROLLIN’. Of COURSE they’re down. It is impossible to obliterate with the kind of ferocity DEP wield on a nightly-fuck-basis and not be considered hood as shit. As much as I’d love to crush these boys for their complete lack of bass, bowel loosening double kick, and video skanks, this is a strict No Front Zone, and Dillinger Escape Plan is fucking legit. This cannot be argued. So it is written.

I don’t know what the fuck is going on in this video. Metaphors are not Hood Metal. Grandma’s apparently been brought in to train a bunch of pussies in some shady machine shop to manufacture sweet DEP logo die-cuts. As in most of these types of situations, love blooms. Granny runs the slick manager BRO in the coke-dealer leisure suit through the manufacturing process. The lust and chemistry is felt between the two is almost immediately. Things are starting to get hot.

Business proceeds to boom. Good times are had. It all wraps up with what could only be described as a playful and tantalizing scene where Granny and Snorty McCokeFace embrace while wading in a kiddie pool. A pretty sexy time for all parties involved.

Clearly the vision for this video was conceived by Greg during his latest run-in with mushrooms, which explains everything PERFECTLY, because this is fucked.

Beefy with a Granny fetish. HOOD CERTIFIED

Greg Puciato Dillinger Escape Plan Parasitic Twins


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