Every Time I Die Post Making of Ex-Lives Episode 3

Every Time I Die Ex Lives Making of Jordan Buckley

Alright, round three of the “Making of Ex Lives” mini-series. If you’re an Every Time I Die fan, you checked these clips out weeks ago, but since I already committed to breaking down the first two, I’m gonna keep the ETID love train choo-choo’n along and hit ’em all up. The Brothers Buckley get me hot to trot and my lust for them will be a frequent topic of discussion here at Hood Metal. DEAL WITH IT.

Anyway, in this short little e-jack to the face, Jordan Buckley speaks briefly on the progression of their 13-year career. Every hairdoo with a neon block-letter tank top professes the importance of “not following trends” and “doing shit your own way”, but it’s never really been Every Time I Die’s style to address the topic. They usually stick to dropping riff science on unsuspecting BROs ill-prepared for such mind-fuckery.

If there’s one thing ETID got right in their band philosophy all these years, it’s maintaining the mantra, “FUCK WHAT THE KIDS THINK”. Chasing the whims of 13 year-old dipshits is for the record business, not bands. Unless, of course, you’re as Hood Metal as they come. In which case, 13 year-olds are your fucking KEY demographic… and by key demographic, I mean jailbait… and by jailbait, what I really mean is rape victim. How else do you think shitheads like this get signed? Their originality? Their chops? Gotta be fucking kidding me, sir. THEY CHASIN’ THEM TWEEN DOLLAS! And let me tell you, tweens LOVE block-letter tank tops. Doesn’t even matter what it says. Any combination of three words is deep and meaningful to these little impressionable shit stains. I digress, because I don’t believe in clean transitions.

“Young bands don’t look at us like ‘washed up, old man band’, they look at us like ‘respectable, cool Every Time I Die, and that’s awesome.”

Fuckin A, BRO. Plus it’s kinda hard to talk shit with the 6’7″ 300 pound mountain of muscle mass known as Awesome Andy backin’ the crew up. If that motherfucker came at me, ordering to make with the head, I don’t think I’d have any other choice but to hit my knees and cup the balls. Not that I wouldn’t do that anyway. I fucking love Every Time I Die.



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