Every Time I Die Debut New Revival Mode Video

Every Time I Die Ex Lives Revival Mode

Welcome to the Every Time I Die fanboy blog. All things ETID, ALL FUCK DAY. What?! I don’t owe you people shit. So far I’ve done like 10 posts and half of them are about ETID. That reminds me, I still haven’t finished posting those “Making Of” videos. What a dick.

I love Every Time I Die. I love The Brothers Buckley. I love Andy Williams. Drums and bass are interchangeable, as we all already know, so fuck whoever they got plugged in there right now… BUT I LOVE THEM AS WELL. I love their style. I love their sound. I love their work ethic. Above all else, I love their NO-FUCKS-GIVEN attitude. You get your ass out there and find that fucking dog, meaning, screw calculating every fucking move you make in life, just get out there and work, create, capture. Whatever it is that gets you hard. Good will come of it. #REALTALK

So ETID has released a new video for the first single off their new record, Ex Lives, due out March 6th. Well, sorta. I guess the video has been out for like a week. Maintaining any sort of relevance and journalistic integrity went out the window day one here at Hood Metal.

I ain’t gunna front. This clip threw me for a loop. I assumed Keith Buckley would mix in additional tricks acquired from his time spent in his mainstream leaning side-project The Damned Things. Why not? His performance on the record was pretty solid, but a tune of this nature coming from a band that seemed to have concluded that if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, just shove more shit into it, surprised the hell outta me.

I may have experienced a few stages of grief post first viewing. I had refrained from listening to anything off the record up until the video’s release, so hearing what amounted to me as a radio friendly rock tune sent me into a whirlwind of arms, teeth and fingernails. “HOW COULD ETID DO THIS TO ME?! AFTER ALL THESE YEARS OF ILLEGAL RECORD DOWNLOADING AND SKIPPING SHOWS DUE TO TEEN MOM MARATHONS! WHAT IS THIS RADIO ROCK SHIT? WHERE IS THE RUCKUS?!?” Needless to say, I was infinitely butt-hurt.

After an evening of icing my chaffed asshole and letting shit settle in, I’ve definitely come around to the song. You will too. HOOD CERTIFIED


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