Skeletonwitch Rapes Your Face With Infernal Resurrection Video

Skeletonwitch Infernal Resurrection Thrash Video

Looking around the locker room of your middle school gym class, I’m sure you’ve noticed something painfully obvious. You exist amongst neanderthals? Nope. Sorry, BRO. Fact is, you’re a late bloomer. I know, that sounds lame as shit but don’t fret… your boy Juice was once in your shoes. The dense pubic hair and thick, robust kielbasa of your peers may have you convinced you’ll be forever inadequate in terms of pleasing a woman, but while the developed man-children of your class are peaking… YOU HAVEN’T EVEN BEGUN TO PEAK, and when you do, believe me, the pussy of Franklin Middle School and all surrounding counties will fucking FEEL it. Inner swag, son… you got it, embrace it. In the meantime, let’s jumpstart puberty and put a lil’ hair on your dick, shall we?

The Ohioan boys of blackened thrash outfit Skeletonwitch have a new video out for their latest smokin’ track, “The Infernal Resurrection” and it’s guaranteed to add 2-3 inches of length and, in some studies, a few inches of girth. That’s really all that needs to be said, but I know the Hood Metal faithful are STILL balls deep in Speaker of the Dead, so I’ll proceed with the deets. The tune comes off last year’s Forever Abomination from Prosthetic Records and was one of this esteemed reporter’s favorites of 2011. Shit fucking SMOKES. BUY HERE

Thrash metal saw a powerful resurgence in the past five years or so, a trend that seemingly died off as quickly as it swept in. However, some legit bands like Municipal Waste, Revocation and Skeletonwitch made it through unscathed, delivering consistent, ass-torching records received favorably by the most l33t of basement dwellers. That’s the thing with trends, no matter how flat-out-retarded they may seem on the surface, there’s almost always a few bands that emerge who do their thang with a passion and spirit that can’t be ignored. I don’t care what genre we’re talking, there’s always someone keeping it real, even in deathcore. Turning your nose up at any genre of music because of your preconceived notions of what it represents or the BROs who inhabit its scene is a mistake. Don’t be a douche.

Back to the video. However hot this track is, the clip is not. Listen, shooting at one of these massive arena shows might work for a band like Pantera who has an army of fucking hostile mouth-breathers ready to go ape-shit-bananas at the first sight of a camera, but as wholly badass as Skeletonwitch are, their following is far more humble. Witnessing a sea of the unemployed staring unimpressed at the stage, completely ignorant of the Ultimate Warrior-like thrash fortitude these guys possess totally kills the vibe of the video and straight chaps my ass. Plus, who wants to see a filthy, sweaty, pissed off thrash band wandering aimlessly around a big open stage? Not this motherfucker, that’s for damned sure. Tight, dark spaces are necessary to maxify volume intensity and body-stink-funkatude, cornerstones of a metal show. I guess that fat chick in the crowd flopping around her gelatinous tits at everyone is a pretty important attribute of a solid metal show, but that’s aside the point.

Bottom line: Great track, weak video.


If you want to see a HOT Skeletonwitch clip, check out Repulsive Salvation.


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