TRC #TEAMUK Music Video

YEA BOI. Hood as fuck, street metal assassins TRC are str8-up setting the scene on fire right now and just dropped ANOTHER fresh-to-death video for their new single “#TEAMUK“. I have no fuck clue where this track will be appearing, whether it be an upcoming EP, LP, BP, or Windows XP, but who gives a crap at this point? Even if it was released as a marketing move to perpetuate the hype for the Metal Hammer Golden Gods votes, the shit pounds with the fury my old man unleashed on my mother’s car hood after another of her nights of sweaty adultery. CEREAL BRO… he went pretty HAM on that car hood.

The black & white, “reflective on the good times with the boys” approach is always a classic in my book. Just the BROs, BROing around… grabbing some ass, hanging at shows, ripping bong loads with tricks in beanie hats and smashing beers on stage while hundreds of mouth-breathers chant your battle cry… everything you THOUGHT would happen in your life as you were instructing Mrs. Carpenter in 10th grade English class to “GET FUCKED”, leaving high school in the dust.

Anyway, if you aren’t wondering around the next week demanding that your pals, your girlfriend, your mother, strangers at the mall, and the McDonald’s drive-through BRO, “GIVE YOU A FUCKIN’ TEAMUK“… you and I have nothing in common. TRC knows how to throw down a mighty anthem with authority, NO DOUBT.

Support your own. Show love for the Hood Metal United Kingdom chapter. Go vote up TRC for Best UK Band at the Metal Hammer Golden Gods Awards. You’ll feel like a valuable, proactive member of the Hood Metal community, and isn’t that what it’s all about? You fuggin’ prick.



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