YouTube Nerds: Anal Cunt Vocalist Replacement Auditions

Anal Cunt Seth Putnam Replacement Auditions

From the bowels of YouTube comes a rare audition tape.  This is down-low, hella-secret insider shit right here, but briefly after the passing of founder and frontman, Seth Putnam, grindcore stalwarts Anal Cunt held a number of auditions for a potential replacement.  This is the resulting footage.

So… YEEEEEEEE HAW, MOMMA!  Unbuckle your overalls, kick off your boots and ring the dinner bell cuz this bitch is about to break into an all-out hoedown!  Pull the carpet, lay down some straw and OPEN THIS FUCKING PIT UP.

For my money, contestant one takes the cake, err… corn.  This slick country fucker has been around and seen it all, so you know he’s got chops.  The nuanced skill and passion for the game he possesses could only truly be appreciated by someone with the refined taste of the typical Hood Metal patron, or someone with an affinity for novelty hats.

The lightning bolt effects charging through Bubba’s audition are pretty legit, as are his terrifying pig squeals, but the highlight of the video comes from the show’s closer.  Sweet fuck.  Move over, Daniel Day Lewis, this hot-roddin’ trailer park princess is redefining the modern day method actor.  At one point, I wasn’t sure if the bitch was going to hyperventilate and drop dead or shed the human suit and drop to the fucking floor an honest to God sow in front of our very eyes.  Either way, stick an apple in her mouth and throw that bitch on the fire.  Look at that juicy, succulent hog leg of an arm.  That shit could feed like fifteen Somalians.



– Juice


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