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Cameron Argon Disfiguring the Goddess Mountain

So, before this news came across the feed on theprp.com, I was completely unaware of this BRO’s existence. I’ve been of the opinion that remixes are FOR NERDS… BY NERDS, with little regard for creativity and an emphasis placed on posin’. Don’t spit up your protein shake BRO, that was a blanket statement, but when I think “remix”, I think of some mashed up shit sandwich consisting of about half a dozen pop songs spliced together with a dance beat underneath that’s just obnoxious enough to serve as the opening number to your twelve-year-old sister’s dance team routine…

that you regularly attend…

because you’re a fucking pervert.

“Great, you hate remixes… what’s the fuckin’ point, Juice?”  Enter Disfiguring the Goddess. This BREWTAL SLAMZ techno outfit is the brainchild of Cameron “Big Chocolate” Argon, revered producer, remixer and all-around cool dood. Aside from DTG, Big Chocolate has made a name for himself remixing tracks for Suicide Silence, As I Lay Dying, iwrestledabearonce, Ion Dissonance and Whitechapel, just to name a few. I guess that’s pretty cool, but like I said, I honestly I don’t give a shit and won’t be firing these tracks up on YouTube any time soon. I guess he also sang for Burning the Masses on “The Offspring of Time“, which is solid. That record was pretty rad.

Anyway, consider this reporter fully behind Disfiguring the Goddess and all things Big & Chocolatey. While lush with the bippity boppity bullshit that usually sends me into a whirlwind of arms, teeth and fingernails, for some reason this mesh of laser beams and legit-as-shit gangster slamz just feels so right. Shit that beats this hard always gives me the urge to devastate a stranger’s toilet and leave the soiled TP disrespectfully strewn about.  Is that weird?

Okay, maybe I’m simply in awe of the minimal fucks provided by Mr. Chocolate in this clip. As you know, not taking yourself seriously whatsoever always wins points in my book, and this low-budget, Skype dance party is valued at well over 1,000 BRO points and infinity hi5s. Cheesy raindrop filters, BRO cameo appearances, and some of the dope-ass-est chair-bound dance moves you’ll ever see. Plus I’m pretty sure that shithole he’s residing in is my old apartment, same decor and everything… PROPS BRO.

Disfiguring the Goddess‘ latest, “Sleeper“, is available now. Buy it here.


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