Obey the Brave Have a Fucking BOSS Marketing Crew

Obey the Brave Get Real

Unless you’re been entrenched in a 6-month hallucinogen fueled trip of Robert Downey Jr. proportions, you’ve witnessed the Obey the Brave hype machine in action. FOR REALZ… these nerds had a wider merch selection than Iron Maiden before they even had recorded material out. Let’s break down whether anyone should actually give a shit.

Obey the Brave Group Photo Get Real

Obey the Brave first popped onto the radar back in January of this year. The following weeks were filled with almost daily “teasers” released through social media, providing sneak peaks of everything from group photos to the drummer’s bowel movements. Suffice to say, the masses were worked into a full on lather. Hell, even I was down as fuck. I mean… COM’ON! Despised Icon pretty much pwnz my face, so I was excited to hear that ex-members were emerging in new projects, even if it was just a vocalist.

That shit wore thin quick. The slick logos, calculated marketing and fancy-ass pre-order packages began to turn my optimistic anticipation into butthurt rage. Again, let me emphasize… I HADN’T EVEN HEARD A FUGGIN’ TRACK YET. Let’s not get it twisted. It’s not like I thought they were going to drop some critically acclaimed gem of the hardcore scene, but some fun mosh parts would be more than enough for me to get my jollys.

Finally, the moment had arrived. At the end of January, Obey the Brave released their first video and my first taste of their sound with “Live and Learn“. HOLY COOL, BATMAN! Shaky cams, group shots of the boys marching through the hood, pit-bulls, finger-less gloves, plenty of chest pounding and a carefully chosen aesthetic… SO BRO. Fuck, I can’t wait for this release! Wait…

the video was on mute. FUCK THIS.

It’s fun getting all hyped up for a new band. Makes me feel like a kid again, excited to immerse myself in a new record for a couple weeks, tell all my BROs, enjoy some headbanging rides in the whip… all that good shit. I think the shittiest thing that happens to aging music fans is that they become jaded, overly analytical, and locked in on their expectations of what “good music” is to them with little room for compromise. Yea… I know… all the kids are doing the dub-djent-post-core thing, DON’T THEY KNOW BLACK METAL IS THE ONLY THING WORTH LISTENING TO IN THIS GENERIC, CONFORMIST SOCIETY?!?!!? RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGEE!!1!!1!!!

I’m on the opposite end of that spectrum. I’m hyped for everything short of a new Slash record. I don’t know if it’s some subconscious effort to recapture the enthusiasm and vigor of my youth, or if I simply haven’t grown out of it yet, but music is fucking helluvalotta fun across the board and I enjoy what the kids come up with. Isn’t this shit supposed to be about fun? I appreciate the artistry in music as well, no doubt, but I’m not about to turn my nose up at an opportunity to mindlessly bash my face into office furniture to some groovin’ moshcore.

That said, I obviously blew my load over these dorks a bit prematurely. While slick and sweet looking, “Live & Learn” sucked… BIG TIME. I pretty much wrote them off from that point, but the hype machine didn’t die. Earlier this month, Obey the Brave released yet another video (Jesus Christ… all this hoopla for an 2 track EP?) for their OTHER track… “Get Real“.

This is where Juice gets real pissed. HOW COULD YOU SCOTTIE?! Yup, this joint features the vocal dominance of modern day hardcore idol and Terror frontman, Scott Vogel. Unfortunately for OTB, not even a Hood Metal king of his stature could redeem the generic shit-show that is “Get Real“. God bless you if you’re able to make it through either video in its entirety. You clearly have a higher tolerance for contrived horseshit than I, and mine’s fuggin’ sky-high.



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