Lionheart’s Rob Watson Tells Butt Hurt Fans to Get Fucked

Rob Watson Lionheart

This is the story that held a Bic lighter under my bean bag and compelled me to hit the keyboard once again. The message expressed certainly isn’t fresh by any stretch, but it was a timely reminder that I didn’t get into this to make friends or impress a bunch of contentious dicks with a haircut deficiency. I’m here to giggle and talk shit. I guess sharing the bands and artists that inspire me with you, the Hood Metal faithful, appeals to me as well, but mostly just the shit talking part is what I’m lookin’ for.

So last week a band that puts off that “WE’LL EAT YOUR FACE AND SHIT YOUR FACE ON YOUR FATHER’S FACE AS YOUR MOTHER WATCHES IN HORROR” vibe, the NoCal hardcore beefcakes in Lionheart, announced a show in Hawaii (who the shit is going to hardcore shows in fucking paradise?) with the gangling gothy metalcore weirdos in Motionless in White. A big, fat, “WHO GIVES A FUCK?”… right?

Well, in typical teenage pissbag fashion, the teenage pissbags of Facebook emerged from behind their smartphones to flex their considerable hardcore-scene muscle. Actually, shit didn’t really get that messy. Mostly a lot of dorks who don’t get it and never will get it completely swung upside down by the idea of two bands with a contrasting fashion sense performing on the same stage. DEAR GOD, THE HUMANITY. Here are a few of the pearls of wisdom offered up in response to the announcement:

Lionheart Motionless in White Hawaii

Thought provoking shit.  I thought about blurring out their names, but shouldn’t you be held accountable for the retarded sewage you project from your face? I surely think so. Oh, I almost forgot to salute the requisite gaggle of teenage scene-slunts overcompensating with full fucking force in this thread.  These itches are holding down a rock solid 20:1 hairdoo to music listening ratio, yet you can’t find a music related message board on the web devoid of these trailer park princesses.  Their go-to move is slamming motherfuckers with a wall of text breaking down the judgmental, ignorant, superficial, immature, misogynistic, closed-minded ways of the world… blah ba-fuckin blah. That’s great, sweetie, the kitchen is to your left. Hold off on Instagramming yet another pic of you duck-faced in the driver’s seat of your Dodge Neon for a second and get the oven pre-heated.

Anyway, much to my delight, Lionheart vocalist Rob Watson was also disgusted by the lack of BROtherhood going on in the Facebook thread, and made a public statement on their timeline addressing the profound butt hurt.

“To all those upset that we are playing ONE show w/ Motionless In White in Hawaii: relax. Please don’t use our FB wall as a place to shit talk another band just because of how they look. If they wanna wear makeup and dress like they do, then that’s THEIR choice.

A far as I’m concerned, they’re a hard working touring band out there trying to do the same thing we are. MIW isn’t my first choice for personal listening, but then again that’s the beauty of music; there’s literally something for everyone. If you don’t like what you see or hear, you can move on to the next option.

When we got offered the Hawaii show, I wasn’t sitting here wondering “man I sure hope those dudes in MIW all wear Camo shorts, air Max 90’s, 5 panel hats, and have the correct shin tattoos to go along with it”. All these sub genres have gotten so pretentious and clicked up that it’s just embarrassing. Yes, LH is a HC band. No, MIW is not. And yes, we are playing together.

Big fucking deal. Music is music. HC is not a shitty high school clic of ‘cool kids’ wearing the right unknown band shirt to every show. It’s about the music, the message, and that’s IT. That’s what this band is about. And as long as LH is around, I’m going to spread that message on any and every show I can, and to whomever wants to listen regardless of how they happen to be dressed.

The bottom line is MIW were kind enough to let LH on THEIR show, and for that I am grateful. It’s a chance for the band to go to Hawaii, when it would be otherwise unaffordable. And we’re all excited. Hawaii here we come!”

Source: Facebook

FUGGIN’ A, BRAH. I’m ready to go to battle for this terrifying motherfucker. Shit, I’m ready to join this BRO’z gym. I want to spot his sets. I want to mix his protein shakes, tend to his laundry, shave his head, wax his Jeep Wrangler (probably).  SRS… this dood IS Hood Metal. To be the woman who gets knocked around the room by this BRO every night he doesn’t get a couple sets in at the gym would be a distinguished honor. Rob and others like him are doing the big work out there in the trenches, retaining what is important and true to the hardcore kids and silencing those who wish to obscure their message.

Rob Watson Lionheart HardcoreI often romanticize the idea of growing up and being a part of the BROtherhood synonymous with the hardcore scene, but it’s just not me. I’m a fuggin’ lone wolf… like that symmetrical beast of a man known as Alcide on the HBO series True Blood. Jesus Christ, just look at that magnificent bastard. Now imagine that, only way more ripped, and that’s pretty much a spittin’ image of ya boy.

I digress. While I’ve never been into the community of it all, the message and ideals surrounding hardcore have always struck a chord with me, so I consider myself an honorary member of the team… even if it’s a minor league affiliate.  So when I see a bunch of entitled shitheads on the internet getting chapped because a band they don’t know, don’t understand, or don’t like the looks of, is hitting the same stage as their beloved whoever-the-fuck, I tend to question whether anyone has learned from the wise teachings of the honorable Kid Rock.  Here’s the bottom line: You’re a disenfranchised, angsty yute, I’m a disenfranchised, angsty yute… LET US BRO DOWN MIGHTY.  Isn’t that what it’s all about?

And now, a passage from the book of No Fucks Given:

Rock 3:16

Get in the Pit
and Try to Love Someone
Bawitdaba da Bang da Bang Diggy Diggy Diggy
Shake the Boogie
Said Up Jump the Boogie


Says it all, really.

Lionheart on Facebook
Lionheart on Twitter
Buy Lionheart’s latest “Undisputed” here.


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