Converge Drop New Video for “Aimless Arrow”

Converge Aimless Arrow All We Love We Leave Behind

I’m a huge Converge fan. Jacob Bannon is on my short-list of metal man-crushes. The dude just discharges creativity all over the place like one of those black porn stars with the cock implants that fire off spunk like a goddamned fire hydrant. His art is incredible, his lyrics & delivery as a vocalist are compelling, and he seems to be an all around legit-as-fuck BRO. Okay, so he’s as far from BRO as you can get while still being featured on Hood Metal. Dude doesn’t eat meat, doesn’t have a sweet haircut, probably has sleeves on his tees and certainly doesn’t pound the weights with the ferocity required to meet BRO stipulations… I mean, look at that meager, slop-bodied son-of-a-bitch. Nevertheless, J-Bans is hard as fuck.

Jacob Bannon Converge All We Love We Leave Behind

So when the news of a new tune being released came across the wire this morning, I nearly messed my Despised Icon gym shorts, which would have been a grand-fuck tragedy under any other circumstances. However, when Converge releases new music, any variety of pants are wholly unnecessary and only get in the way of an aggressive, cock-swinging rock-out session. Fuck stage diving, I’m pushing for dood-BROs to start whipping it out and windmilling all over the fucking place. I can’t imagine a more masculine display of music appreciation. If you can, hit me up on Twitter at @Hood_Metal and we’ll knock out the details. We’ll change the game forever… together.

Anyway, let’s get to the new video. “Aimless Arrow” comes off the new record, All We Love We Leave Behind, which is due for release on October 9th through Epitaph Records. Continuing a progression in sound that started with 2006’s No Heroes, Converge find themselves expanding further upon the framework laid down in 2009 with Axe to Fall, a record that is as aggressive, experimental, and dare I say, accessible, as anything they’ve done. I haven’t heard the rest of the record, but based on “Aimless Arrow” alone, it’s clear Converge isn’t content kicking out anything short of a complete step forward in their evolution. Wouldn’t expect any less, because Converge are fucking gods amongst hairdoos. Enjoy. It’s fuggin’ beautiful.

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