TYDOT: Driver Negligence = BRO AS PHUCK

Baptized in Blood Last Line Lady

Whip out your demins and shotgun a brew, longhairs… it’s Thrash Your Dick Off Thursday!

It’s been a helluva week in the world of BROcore, with a flurry of new records being dropped and announced left and right. Things kicked off Tuesday with the release of a couple tasty diddies from  The Chariot and Murder Construct. Then the likes of Pig Destroyer, The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza and the mighty Converge rolled out pre-order bundles for their upcoming new albums. Needless to say, I just emptied out the strip club fund and my children’s college savings… PFFTTTT… I AIN’T GOT NO KIDS, BRAH. The unwashed masses have me covered on that one. I’ve heard statistics that teen pregnancy is on the decline. Somebody needs to tell my fuggin’ Facebook feed, because every government-check-collecting victim-of-society mouth-breather I know is firing ’em out like a goddamn Pez dispenser… only instead of delightful little candies, we’re being overrun with fat little shitheads with behavior disorders.

Let’s cut the shit and get to the thrash. This round of #TYDOT comes from Dave Mustaine’s golden boys, Ontario’s Baptized in Blood. This video was released back in June when I was on sabbatical, so I ain’t droppin’ nothing new, but A) This tune is a fucking blast and B) The video is pretty BAWS HOG.

It’s a classic tale. White collar BRO feelin’ the heat from THE MAN, looking to drink away his sorrows and possibly pick up a one-night trick to wear out at the local watering hole when suddenly he finds out the party’s over and he’s gotta catch some shuteye for an early morning meeting. CASE OF THE MONDAYS… AMIRITE, BRAH?! What follows is possibly one of the greatest, most ridiculous, most HOOD METAL incidents of driver negligence ever produced. If this clip doesn’t have you giggling, you clearly hate fun. Cars careening off cliffs, smoke machine cocks, towering infernos lighting up the night sky and air guitaring all over the fuggin’ place… touché, Baptized in Blood… touché.

If you haven’t picked up their latest record, quit fucking around. It’s a goddamned party.

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