New 50 Lions Track “Pray For Nothing” Drops

50 Lions Pray for Nothing 7" Hardcore

OH, HAI BROz! I’m reappearing after another extended hiatus. Last time I made big promises of a triumphant return… consistent posts, a kewl new layout, and a bunch of other empty lies. Worst part is, you believed it… you believed in ME. A fool’s bet. An exercise in extreme futility. A hopeless delusion. BITCH, YOU BE TRIPPIN’.

Now, let’s get to the meat and pototoes. Urban Dictionary eloquently defines 50 Lions as “a friggin’ rad Australian hardcore band”. Hmmmm… INDEED, SIRS OF THY MOST NOBLE NOMENCLATURE. What’s even more “rad” is that after a long 3 years since their last full-length effort, these blokes (Australian for BROs) have FINALLY surfaced with a minute and 46 seconds of fresh-2-deth jamz to blast out the open windows of your Chrysler LeBaron as you rocket towards a local grocers stray shopping cart, in a defiant act of teenaged rebellion.

If you haven’t checked these guys out, you’re failing not only yourself, but you’re failing the hearts and minds of the Australian people. Such Aussie dignitaries as Mel Gibson, Hugh Jackman, Steve Erwin (RIP), Thor, the Geico Gecko, Tommy Chong and Brendan Fraser all consider themselves avid 50 Lions fans. If that doesn’t convince you, allow Brendan to elaborate on how legit 50 Lions is… thoughts, Mr. Fraser?


Alright, shit. Those last two names aren’t even Australian, but close enough, right? ‘MURICA MOTHER FUCKER! I don’t even know where the shit Australia is… I think Germany bombed their asses back in the’60s or some shit. Either way, Chris Lilley is fucking hilarious. Haven’t you seen Summer Heights High? Jonah Takalua’s down with 50 Lions.

If all this hasn’t lit a fire up your ass, I know what will get your mouse clickity clackin’… 50 Lions vocalist Oscar McCall is the brother of Parkway Drive vocalist Winston McCall!1!! OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG!!!

Bottom line: Australia is pretty neat. Blast the 50 Lions new track below and Pre-Order 50 Lions upcoming 7″ here, nerds.

Seacrest, OUT.


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