New Hatebreed Video “Put it to the Torch” Singes Ball Hairz

Hatebreed Divinity of Purpose

If you’re anything like me (which is impossible unless your name is Val Venis), you’ve been telling your job to “suck it” for the past coupla days, opting instead to blast the new Hatebreed record loud as all hell and eat Jack’s frozen pizzas, sans pants, from the comforts of your lavish efficiency apartment… the way God intended. Those poseurs down at the dealership don’t understand that Hatebreed new-album-release-day is a national BROliday, celebrated in gyms, shit-hole rehearsal spaces and weight-bench-equipped front yards across the nation. This is no time for 9-5 fuckery, hardcore is serious biznizz.

Hatebreed Metal Hardcore CoverHatebreed has played an important part in the early development of this esteemed BRO (which explains me metaphorically jumping around like a tween girl hopped up on Fun Dip at a Katy Perry concert). Most point to Hatebreed’s full-length debut, “Satisfaction is the Death of Desire” as their most essential work, because that’s the thing to do, but for this cat, “Perseverance” is where it’s at. WHAT A FUGGIN’ BEAST. I still remember that timeless logo, entrenched in flames, projecting itself at me from the shelves as I marched into the CD section of my local Best Buy back in March of 2002. I still go banana apeshit every time “Final Prayer” or “Remain Nameless” hits my speakers. I still think Jamey Jasta is one of the most legit doodz in the game, and shit, with 10 years under our belts together, I still find Hatebreed resonating with me today, in a big fuggin’ way.

To prove this isn’t ENTIRELY about me, even though that would be pretty sweet too, let’s get to the video. Good to have old Jamey back, AMIRITE? Son of a BITCH, motherfucka is as pissed and hungry as he’s ever been, and I’m eating it up with a serving of fruit and a hearty kale shake… poopin’ like a champion. I’ll say it. I don’t particularly care for the majority of music clips with some vague plot or storyline. I prefer simply watching pissed off longhairs beat the shit out of their respective instruments. However, the video for “Put it to the Torch” is certified hard as fuck.

Some sorry sack in a money suit is culled into a demonic ritual being performed by a batch of medieval, mace-wielding looney tunes with a whole shit-ton of flames golfing all over the place. Maybe it’s the punishing tune, maybe I just REALLY like fire, but this 2 minute scorcher of a video gets me more aroused than George Michael Bluth enjoying the complex eroticism of the film, Les Cousins Dangereux.

Beat that shit below and be sure to support the cause and pick up Hatebreed’s new record, “The Divinity of Purpose” at your local Best Buy or grab it off iTunes.

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