New Killswitch Engage Track “In Due Time” Hits the Streets

Jesse Leach Rejoins Killswitch Engage

I keep beating myself up over not getting this shit up promptly, but that would insinuate this site is relevant, SO FUCK IT. Ball ’till we fall.

Now I may or my not have made some disparaging comments that I generally regret towards the return of the cheeky bastards in Killswitch Engage, but once again, fuck it. I consider it, “growing as an artist”. Besides, any metal kid who blew their first load around the time “Alive or Just Breathing” dropped has got to be stoked to hear Jesse reunited with the crew. Howard Jones was sweet and all, but it’s nice to have a REAL black man back in fold. You hear the soul in Mr. Leach’s voice? Tell me that motherfucker isn’t black… like deep, DEEP down. Like, dream within a dream, within a dream… fist-fighting sonsabitches on the ceiling of a hotel room, deep.  Even still, he qualifies as blacker than HoJo. Motherfucker’s a white Teddy Pendergrass.

Okay, maybe I just wanted to briefly get down to some Pendergrass. I digress.

So last week a new song leaked, “In Due Time“. Then the leak was sealed up. Then it was officially released. I actually didn’t even listen to the damn thing until this morning. I tend to prefer waiting for the entire release to really sink my teeth into something, but I know the fine constituents of the Hood Metal movement expect more of me. So here is my no-holds-barred, no-stone-unturned, complete break down of Killswitch Engage’s new track, “In Due Time“, off the forthcoming album, “Disarm the Descent“.

Pretty good, not too great.

Who gives a shit what I think though? It’s great to hear the band that helped define metalcore back in the saddle again, with all the familiar guitar shreddery, empowering vocals and trademark Adam D squeelies flying all over the place. Actually, I could use more squeelies. Maybe even a guest spot by Zakky Wylde on a few tracks. Check that, THE ENTIRE RECORD. Just gratuitous abuse of pinch harmonics. That’s what’s hot on the streets.

Rock out (with your penis fully exposed) to the new track below and hit us up on Facebook with your thoughts! The boys’ new release, “Disarm the Descent” is due out April 2nd through Roadrunner Records.

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Killswitch Engage on Twitter


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