TRC Debuts New Banger “We Bring War”

TRC Nation We Bring War

SURPRISE, MOTHAFUCKA! I’m back. What’s got Juice seated firmly in the masturbation chamber for a fresh round of keyboard pecking? Wait for the drop… A NEW TRC TRACK, BROs! And bloody hell, she’s a real banger in the mouth.

As is with any trend blending brand of metal tunage, TRC takes a lot of shit. For anyone who’s seen the clip for “Define Cocky“, it’s easy to see why. Raining down hate on a crew of BROs that seem intoxicated by the smell of their own cologned feces is pretty easy pickens for the perpetually butthurt mongoloids of the internet.

Fortunately, no one who matters gives a fuck about those nerds and their holier-than-thou, kvlt wankery. TRC likes to party, and we’re here to party. Except you. I know for a FACT you don’t party. You do NOT party. Through the cloud of SWAG, anyone with a loose grasp on hardcore can tell these boys know what they’re doing and have respect for the game. Nothing else should matter.

TRC’s new record, “Nation”, is due September 13th through No Sleep Records.

*Cues track* GET FUCKED.


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