Stray From the Path Incite Pants Party with “Badge & a Bullet”

Badge Bullet Anonymous

If you pay attention to news from the scene, you probably caught on to the spread of, a site displaying an ominous countdown with an image containing a line of hooded captives of some variety in the background. Obviously some slick marketing maneuver, not that I have beef with that, especially in today’s climate. In fact, if you’re in a band serious about growing an audience and turn your nose at these types of campaigns, grow up. Clearly you’re harboring some insecurity and/or fear of success. Put yourself out there. Put your dick on the line. Life is for the living.


On the 17th, the countdown ticked to an end, and sure enough, HYPE MACHINE. It was all a big build-up for the release of Stray From the Path’s new video, “Badge & a Bullet“, which will be featured on their upcoming September 17th release, “Anonymous”. Pick up a limited edition vinyl pressing here.

I hadn’t stumbled onto Long Island nerdcore outfit Stray From the Path until their 2011 release, “Rising Sun“, popped onto my radar. Pretty rad record. Brim with 2000’s era metalcore worship… a dash of Burnt by the Sun, a sprinkle of Cancer Bats, and just a pinch of Botch (for a hint of street-cred). Nothing mind-blowing or incredibly original, but it itched my belly and I still spin it on-the-reg.

So while I wasn’t wandering into the release of their new clip blind, I certainly didn’t expect what was served up. Take the SFTP recipe, mix in a heaping cup of Rage Against the Machine, a cup of downset, one gallon of piss, and apparently the end result is a fucking PARTY. SRS. I jammed this sum-bitch about 27 times yesterday, moshing the fuck out of my girlfriend the entire run. Stage diving all over her FACE. She knows better than to bring that shit into MY pit. No mercy. No survivors.

Seriously looking forward to this release.

Dig the video below and go upgrade your weak wardrobe with some hot SFTP threads. It’s what all the hood rats are doing.



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