Mark Hunter and Nu Chimaira Drop Dehumanizing Process Remix


Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch (aka Chimaira) put out a little bonus remix of “The Dehumanizing Process” this week. The mix is performed by the current lineup and is in celebration of the 10th anniversary of “The Impossibility of Reason“, an album held in the highest regard by this hack reporter. Chimaira are muh fuggin’ BOYZ!

Jock JamsTwo of the most crucialest of bands that led to my expansion outside the realm of radio-rock & nu-metal were Killswitch Engage and the mighty Chimaira. I think I covered this before, but I’m painfully aware of the strength of my readership, so I’ll go ahead and stroke off nostalgic-like for a bit. What started my personal music revolution was the acquisition of MTV after moving off the farm and into the big city, as well as the emergence of the internet and Napster. Prior to that, I was pretty content throwing Jock Jams on infinite repeat in my Walkman and playing in the mud. Shit was sweet.

Once I was off and running, I stumbled onto some shit going on in the Cleveland scene and immediately fell in love with the brooding, groovy riffs of one Rob Arnold. Eventually, the burnt-out miscreants that made up my circle of friends caught on and embraced their epic metalness, and to this day, Rob enjoys BRO-crush status on the level of Jon Hamm. Fuck, that dood’s cool, AMIRITE? So dreamy. I still theorize that I am single-handedly responsible for popularizing the band throughout the midwest, but I’ll torch that spliff another day.

While I’m sure old-schoolers like me are all heavily chaffed over remixing an old favorite with the new crew backing Dr. Mark Hunter, I’m down. In fact, I’d say it’s a pretty cool rendition. Sure, I was amongst the majority when Marky restocked the vacant shelves at Chimaira-Mart in that I felt the band had been reduced to a cover band, but credit where credit’s due. Mark threw this thing on his back and refused to cash in his chips. Rallied a crew of talented, wholly-capable musicians, and fired up another leg of his impressive career. Some of you lazy turds could learn a lot from the man.

Dig the remix below.

Keep your eyes peeled next week for Chimaira’s new one, “Crown of Phantoms”. It drops July 30th. Pre-Order Now on iTunes


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