Noise Pop Duo Sleigh Bells Drop New Video for Bitter Rivals

Sleigh Bells

Sometimes being the most legit motherfucker in the pit can be pretty isolating. Desperate and spiritually depleted, I sought the advice of someone who understands the plight of being alpha dog wherever he goes. That man, of course, was Ryan Lochte. His words of wisdom will echo in my mind throughout my tenure in this life, and are sure to provide me a light amidst the darkest of times to come. “Turn it UP!“, he said. And turn it up, I shall.

SBMFDelivered in my hour of need, the buck-nasty noise pop duo known as Sleigh Bells just sliced off a fresh, savory slab of BADITUDE, prime for maximum TURNT. Bust out the neon tanks and prepare to get sweaty. Now, I realize this is a slight step left in regards to the usual offerings served up here, but Sleigh Bells, with roots firmly in the Hood Metal community, slide in on a technicality. You see, SB mastermind, guitarist, and sultan of swag, Derek Miller, played an integral role during the prime years of legit-as-fuck hardcore outfit Poison the Well before branching off on his own. Judges? We’ll count it.

I was introduced to these guys through one of my colorful raw dog companions, whom based on first glance, you’d probably expect to be found driving down desolate gravel roads in search of premium firearms and ideal locations to dispose of expired rape victims. Even worse, BRO is a lawyer. Lord have mercy on us all.

Anyway, I’ve been hooked on these fuggers ever since said compadre graced my sound holes with the track “Rill Rill“. What can I say? I’m a sucker for a great pop tune. Throw in some nasty guitar bits and a gorgeous, effortlessly cool, Alexis Krauss, droppin’ straight nuclear shit, and you’ve captured the undivided attention of Hood Rat Nation.

Now, after two excellent LPs, Sleigh Bells are primed to drop their third in as many years. Bitter Rivals, set for an October 8th release through Mom + Pop Music, has been said to feature more writing input from Krauss and will embrace a cleaner sound with more emphasis on melody. I suspect I’ll miss the chainsaw attack of their previous shit, but no cares. I dig these cats’ vibes and I’m just along for the ride.

Some of you dix are probably rubbing your eyes in disgust, ready to prop up a flaming cross in my front yard. “WHAT IS THIS GAY HOMOSEXUAL PUSSY SHIT, JUICE?!?” I know, I know. I’m getting soft. But believe me, this is gay homosexual pussy shit that fuggin’ PARTIES. HARD.

Go pre-order Bitter Rivals and buy a ton of merch. Then get turnt the fuck up and blast the title track below. Oh, and GET FUCKED.


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