Chocolate Thunder: A Love Letter to Josh Travis

Tony Danza Glass Cloud

I love me some Josh Travis, and not just because I’m a huge advocate of the brothas reppin’ hard in the metal game. Back when the hype was building for Danza III, I must have jerked it to this video at least a hundred times. Josh is so fuggin’ sweet. Most known for his ungodly noodling in the mathy metalcore abomination, Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza, Josh has harnessed the natural swagger and inherent sense of groove predominant in the African peoples, translating it into a style of play that is simultaneously calculated and chaotic, like an assembly of rioting Lakers fans collaborating in perfect harmony to flip a flaming school bus.

Joshy Pants’ blazing fretwork has always whipped me straight into full retard-mode, spastically gyrating around like Ray Lewis after burying yet another dick in the dirt the second his brand of chocolate thunder hits my ear holes, but unfortunately, it hasn’t exactly rallied the strong following it deserves. Late last summer, along with details of the forthcoming record, Danza IIII, it was announced that the LP would be the band’s swan song, much to the chagrin of this esteemed reporter. Joshua had decided he’d be permanently taking his talents to Virginia to form the tame-by-comparison metalcore act Glass Cloud with a few BROs… notably: Jerry Roush, formerly of Sky Eats Airplane & Of Mice & Men.

Glass Cloud dropped their Equal Vision Records debut in the form of “The Royal Thousand” a bit prior to the announcement of the death of Danza, and it seems the kids are into it. I dug it well enough, there are a few tracks I’ll revisit on occasion simply for a quick dose of Josh thunder, such as the straight vicious “Ivy & Wine“, but overall… TOO MUCH CLEAN VOX. That’s just me though, still real decent shizz for the right set of ears. Honest. BELEDAT.

Really, I just wanted to express my man-crush on Josh Travis, but more importantly, Glass Coud have a new track circulating the social webz. Personally, the track is along the vein I was hoping they’d explore. Supremely beefy groove, no bullshit clean choruses, straight gangster. Check it out below and pre-order their new EP, “Perfect War Forever“, due October 22nd. Or be a racist.


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