Ex-Bury Your Dead Vocalist Myke Terry Drops the Race Card

Bury Your Dead

Earlier this week, ex-Bury Your Dead vocalist, Myke Terry, took to Twitter to cry about racism. I’d feel for him, except for the fact that this is far from the first example I’ve seen of this nerd going full-emo. It’s clear BRO needs a hug.

I’m not going to labor on like some grandstanding douchebag regarding the continued presence of racism in society today. The conversation has been fuggin’ exhausted and will continue to be perpetuated to keep us distracted from actually solving problems. I’ll cut straight to my take, which is simple: Myke Terry, GET OVER IT.

Pulled from theprp.com comments section, a BRO by the hilarious pseudonym MustardTiger nails it:

Let me start by saying I’m part native Canadian, so I’m not defending whitey, but have any of you ventured onto hip hop forums? This shit exists, against all races when your style is populated by the opposite race. So deal with it. I hear the worst of it since I look so white, but have native roots. All you can do is lead by example. This guy just sounds like a drunk bitch.

Hi 5, BRO. Do I understand Myke’s plight? No. Not at all. I’m a white dood residing in Middle America. I couldn’t possibly understand, and feeling unwanted in a community that supposedly promotes inclusion and brotherhood across the board has to feel pretty shitty and quite isolating. However hilarious I find loud, blatant racism (in a sort of “the animals walk amongst us”, human zoo kinda way), a great deal of shame should be rained down on those who have yelled horseshit at the guy over the years.

That said, Myke needs to put down the box of tissues. I suppose you could argue that it’s important to keep the dialogue going and share these types of experiences to broaden the perspective of those willing to listen, but ultimately this feels like nothing more than a cry for attention, made powerfully evident by his evoking of the suicide card.

What if that girl calling me a nigger wa the straw to make me go home and blow my brains out because I’ve been dealing my life issues.

If that were the case, your parents failed you, not the world, nerd. Grow a pair.

Ultimately it comes down to letting go. You can’t control the thoughts and actions of the every dipshit in a pair of meshies. All you can do is take care of yourself, those you care about, and set a good example for those looking to follow in your footsteps. Jackie Robinson wasn’t crying in the dugout and slicing his wrists because of haters droppin’ hard “R”s. Jackie got his black ass out there and faced the prejudice of an outspoken minority with grace and self-assurance, fully aware of the role he played in initiating progress.

Myke Terry

You could be doing the same, Myke. Not even playin’. As I clarified in our last article, I’m a huge advocate of brothas in the metal game, and I commend Myke for facing the monumental ignorance abundant in the metal & hardcore game, but dood needs to learn how to carry himself. By blowing this shit up, he has incentivized the tards to continue spraying their rancid shit all over the walls, reassuring them that their voices were heard and the intended impact was made. If we’ve learned anything from the social media age, it’s that now, more than ever, any press is good press, and people will beat each other like savages to get their face on the jumbo-tron. These types of mouth-breathers are satiated by attention. Pay them none, and they suffocate… smothered by the metaphorical pillow that is their shit lives.

Moral of the story, as is with all stories: disregard haters. And I’m not talking about your parole officer. Godspeed in your future endeavors, Myke. For the record, I didn’t mind your work in BYD, just disliked the cheese-ass choruses amidst the beatdown. Keep chopping wood, BRO.


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