Life After Laskiewicz: Acacia Strain Drop Lyric Video for “Above”

Daniel Laskiewisz

When it was announced that founding member, lead guitarist, and master of the brown note, Daniel Laskiewicz, would be departing the crew of Acacia Strain, I was concernicus. However, I was completely unaware of the details provided when the story broke, most notably, that Danny Boy hadn’t actually been touring with the band for a few years. Those with their heads removed from their respective asses were aware of this and probably saw the writing on the wall. Still, I was found myself concernicus.

I never enjoyed a Hatebreed effort to the extent I did prior to the departure of the dick-smashing Sean Martin, and in that same way, I anticipated not caring for AC post Laskiewicz. I mean, in my eyes, the guy defined their style and approach, how could his exit result in anything but a band struggling to emulate past success or, even worse, a band eager to prove their legitimacy by overreaching their abilities and stuffing a bunch of gimmicky shit in the mix.

“NAY”, said Acacia Strain. This morning, the outfit dropped a new cut off their forthcoming EP, “Above / Below“, which is due for release November 12th off Rise Records. Featuring the new additions to the crew, Devin Shidaker (ex-Oceano) and Richie Gomez (ex-Molotov Solution), and without the songwriting involvement of Laskiewicz, the band seem to pick up right where they left off on Death is the Only Mortal, if not a bit more dynamic. Definitely looking forward to the new material, as I always have with AC. They have yet to nail down a record that cannot be fucked with, and probably won’t, but they never fail to itch the festering rash that is my desire for bowel movement provoking deathcore. Shit works better than throwing in a chaw.

By the way, did everyone catch their Money For Nothing EP back in February? The title track is so much goddamned fun.

Anyway, dig their new track, “Above” below and hit us up on Facebook with your thoughts. Be sure to pre-order that shit too, some neato packages available.


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