BROstalgia: The Return of Flaw


SUP BROS? It’s been too long, but a riveting development has once again pulled me into the keyboard. No people have spoken, and the imaginary call has been answered. Louisville nu-metal heroes Flaw have reunited with the band’s original lineup! You read that right… FLAW. OMGEE. Check out the details here.

I dunno about you nerds, but this guy was embarrassingly geeked over 2001’s “Through the Eyes“. Of course, those were during the days when I listened to bands like a 12-year-old girl… ONLY THE SINGLES, BABY. REPEAT INFINITY. I can’t even name a track off that record aside from “Payback” (which totally kicked ass), but overall I remember a lot of deep feelz expressed by the melodic & ever-sensitive Chris Volz. Just hearing BRO’s voice again has me reaching for the Kleenex box. LOVE LOST. BROS LONG FORGOTTEN. OH GOD. HERE COME THE WATERWORKS.

The LEGENDARY video for “Payback” informed my appreciation for obnoxiously dyed hair (yea, I was that guy) and the timeless and captivating stage maneuver known as the “unison leap”, an ace up the sleeve of any self-respecting metal band’s live show. Never in the history of rock-n-roll had a coordinated expression of angst demanded such a visceral reaction from the bastard masses. At least, not until Chimaira upped the ante with the devastating “unison machine gun”.

DEAR GOD, BEHOLD THE BRUTALITY. I’m sure shit’s cheese to some, but to this day, seeing that still perks muh peen.

Chris Volz is Very WhiteYea, I had witnessed previous renditions of the “unison leap”. I even had the privilege of experiencing the feat live, in its natural habitat, but there’s just something about the hapless, dilapidated effort of leadman Volz in “Payback” that is simply beyond reproach. SRS. Dood looks fit enough, but barely manages to extend the knees and plant the feet before tumbling to the dirt like a drunk chick in heels. BRO. Do you even squat? Dood over his right shoulder, on the other hand, fuggin’ NBA caliber ups right thurr. Get after it.

So, in summary (because I’m too much of a hack to be capable of wrapping this up seamlessly), Flaw is back. Ya boy Juice had red hair. Machine guns are awesome. And to those leaping in unison… Hood Metal salutes you.

Unison Jump Bonus Clip:


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