Metal Unrapped: Brothas Break Down Ghost “Year Zero”

Ghost Year Zero

Just when I thought shit couldn’t get any Hood Metaller than a guitar built to resemble an AK47, the nerds over at The Daily Disruption have collaborated with Revolver Magazine to bring you a series dubbed Metal UnRapped, where aspiring rappers break down metal videos, which is a fuggin’ recipe for greatness in this esteemed reporter’s eyes. In fact, this is all I’ve ever wanted from the internet. BROthers assembling to talk metal.

In the inaugural edition, these students of the game break down Ghost’s bitchin’ clip for “Year Zero“, a video I jammed down the throat of every dipshit I know. Don’t like metal? I don’t care. This video is gnarly as shit and transcends any appreciation you may or may not have for the tune itself (which I also love). What I’m trying to say, is that if you don’t dig the video on some level, GET FUCKED.

Back to the meat & taters here. It’s hard to imagine a better video to put in front of these BROs. I mean, this thing scores about an 11 on the Caucasian meter. Completely unrelatable to the children of the hood, and for good reason. White people are fuggin’ weird & creepy.

Let’s cut the shit and get to the video already. I’ll spoil it a bit and say it wasn’t as fantastic as I had anticipated, but there were still some excellent lines dropped. A few of my favorites including, “Nudity is the only reason to watch anything”, and “Any nigga that wears leather gloves, he’s real. Pinkie ring on top of the glove? That’s some trill shit”. Fantastic commentary, to say the least. I especially appreciated when the entire crew started wilin’ out and swinging from the rafters when the ladies featured in the video started removing their tops.

The thing about titties is they’re like cake. Now, you can have bad cake, but it’s still cake. This is bad cake, but its still cake.

Words to live by.

To the crew involved in this edition of Metal UnRapped, Hood Metal salutes you.


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