This is Hell Drop New Video for The Enforcer

The Enforcer

OH DADDY. I was geekin’ out on this EP not too long ago on the Facebook page, but I didn’t bank on the boys delivering any promotional media. Shit, the thing came out back in February, who drops a video for a track off a 10 month old EP? Whatever, though… I love this band and I’ll gladly feast on everything they shove in my face. Go ahead, ask me if I care about the wait. Ask me.

The EP itself is a rippa’. The intro track is wholly unnecessary, but if you’re droppin’ hate bombs because of a minute long instrumental, I must insist you get fucked. In addition to swift dick smashing executed by the title track, “The Enforcer“, This is Hell toss in one of their most melodic and accessible tracks to date, “Walking Abominations“. A track with a hook so catchy, you’ll be compelled to hang a fist of dissent out the window of your hatchback as you whip shitties through a snow-covered Wal-Mart parking lot. Tune kinda loses steam at the end, with a bit of a labored breakdown, but the first couple minutes are gangster enough for this guy to stamp it with a seal of approval. Just a fun track.

The Enforcer also contains a pretty bitchin’ cover of the classic Metallica face-melter, “Whiplash“, which I’m sure more than a handful of nostalgic jerkasses have beef with, but I don’t believe in that “sacred ground” bullshit. Whether you enjoy it or not, musicians should be free to tribute their predecessors and potentially open doors to fans lacking an appreciation for the forefathers. We were all noobs once, and no one cares for your elitist douchebaggery.

As for the video, it’s basically a compilation of live footage and general backstage shenanigans taken from the band’s time at this year’s Soundwave Festival.  Qualifying for instant Hood Metal certification, this baby is filled to the brim with the three essential “B”s…. beers, BROs & boobs.

I checked these doods out recently when they were opening for Terror and they dropped Abominations on my unsuspecting ass, to which I lost all control of limbs and bodily functions. Unfortunately, my podunk town didn’t seem to have love for TiH crew, and I was pretty much the only dick on the floor, gyrating around in my TiH t-shirt (yea, I’m that guy) like a college chick on ecstasy at a Girl Talk show. Hopefully the band appreciated my lack of fucks, cuz I was waving that freak flag high. I WAS FEELING IT, and guess what… I’M STILL FEELING IT.

Moisturize those filthy mits of yours and join the feels party. Buy The Enforcer below and enjoy the clip.

Buy it here
Pick it up on Google Play
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