Suicidal Tendencies and Metal Mulisha Team Up in “Smash It!” Video

Metal Mulisha

I’ve covered this in the past, but I’m a huge Motocross fan and Novice Joey on the weekends. I did a little racing when I was younger, but nowadays I just try to have fun and keep the number of sustained concussions below double digits. A blatant disregard for life and limb is pretty BRO, but brain damage ain’t no joke, son. If I lose the ability to feed myself and masturbate, HOW IS LIFE EVEN WORTH LIVING?

That said, I’m not really into the freestyle scene. It was pretty rad back in the mid-nineties, when it was all about throwing down the sickest shit in your arsenal buck-ass nekkid to impress the merry band of BROs in your crew out in the middle of some sand dune somewhere. Nowadays, it’s nothing but backflips and Monster Energy logos. A trendy aesthetic embraced and perpetuated by teen dads across the nation. Hell, you can’t walk into the car audio section of your local Best Buy without seeing some nerd in gauges and a Jeremy “Twitch” Stenberg flat bill.

Who is stacking the most paper from this pre-packaged, cleverly marketed rebellion? Why, none other than the black and bruised crew whose roots entwine with those of the entire freestyle movement. Stars of Suicidal Tendencies new video, “Smash It!”… the t-shirt empire known as THE METAL MULISHA.


I’m not really down with the money grubbin’ Mulisha and the elaborate facade they’ve built for themselves. Don’t get me wrong, I’m totally down for the superficial. I subscribe to the Jim Rome philosophy: “Look good, feel good. Feel good, play good“, but I’ve also never been down with the whole “rebellion for rebellion’s sake” shit. You’re neglected. You’re angsty. I get it. Maybe I’m just concerned by how well their brand of tattooed nihilism resonates with the current generation. Yes, 26-year-old dood pushing carts behind a pair of white knock-off Oakleys, you’re a misunderstood rockstar… yolo.

But you know what? Screw it. Launch some alpha BROs on dirt bikes off huge ramps while doods shred guitars? As much as I try to fight it, I can’t help but be down as fuh. The crew are making bank living a lifestyle most of us would dream of. Hangin’ out, poundin’ it out, gettin’ loaded. Playa play on, I’m not here to hate.

So anyway, the raw dogs of the Mulisha have joined forces with Venice Beach, California, thrash/punk legends Suicidal Tendencies. Not only was the video shot at founding member, Larry Linkogle’s, O.G. Mulisha Compound in Temecula, California, Larry and fellow Mulisha member, Jimmy Fitzpatrick, lent some vocal assistance to the track, making for perfect Hood Metal matrimony.

SWAGThe video opens with a couple stop-motion montages of some pretty cool ST/Mulisha inspired artwork, cutting to a legion of dirtbags marching through the compound while leadman Mike Muir rolls in, riding shotgun in the swagmobile. Before you know it, the thrash is unleashed. Dirt bikes ricocheting off the backdrop… unwashed breeders fully engaged in all-out brawl… shirtless, overweight BROs flailing and flinging sweat and semen in every direction… mass hysteria. For some reason, amidst the pit action, there’s a herd of shoulder-mounted moto-sluts going apeshit ballistic on each other’s faces, throwing fists with reckless abandon and cracking beer cans over skulls.  Just beauty in every direction.

You can imagine the rest. Big air. Big crashes. Bloody mugs. Bandanas. Cheesy metal poses. The fuzz. Bikes and bodies flying. Mike Muir looking old as shit. More shots of bishes throwing fists. I mean… it’s got it all. Simply put, this shit is Hood Certified. Enjoy the video, nerds.

Listen to Muir and Linkogle talk about the project, Suicidal’s influence over the crew, and the evolution of freestyle motocross in this interview.

Suicidal Tendencies first record in 13 years, “13“, is out now. Pick it up here.


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