Ex-The Chariot’s Josh Scogin Back in New Project Dubbed ’68

The Chariot '68

Alright. Let’s pump the brakes. Things have been getting a little “ranty” lately, with me reaching Morrissey-esque heights of blow-hardedness. Not to say that I don’t stand firmly behind the sentiment of the past few posts, but the last thing we need to provide here is another reason for metal fans to take shit too seriously. “Some jerkass blogger is telling me to stop taking shit so seriously. FUCK HIM, WHAT’S HE KNOW ABOUT METAL? I BLEED METAL! I’M THIRTY YEARS OLD AND SHOWS ARE STILL THE HIGHLIGHT OF MY WEEK! DIMEBAG SIGNED MY CONFEDERATE FLAG BANDANA!!” I get it, BRO. Sports are great, I just don’t get the part that involves facepaint, dressing up like a fucking idiot, and stabbing opposing fans in parking lots. Different strokes, gang!

On to more important matters, namely Josh “Scroggin’ All Bishes” Scogin. The ex-Norma Jean front man decided to shudder up the windows and pull the cord on then project, The Chariot, after one helluva run of excellent tours and releases that built upon his growing legacy as a creative force in the scene. Personally, it was a bummer to see The Chariot call it a day, but it’s hard to criticize the move. In fact, I respect it a great deal. It could be argued that the band reached the pinnacle of their potential and there was nothing left to explore within their aesthetic. I think an accomplished artist knows when their work is complete, and Josh knew the timing was right.

So, as he has brazenly done in the past, Scogin packed up his talents and moved to South Beach. Errrr… has reemerged in a new project with a seemingly bright future, dubbed ’68. So far, the only other member to be named to the crew is ex-Becoming the Archetype drummer, Michael McClellan. At least I think it’s the same guy. The Hood Metal research department is currently roasting a bone, so we’ll assume I’m right.

Whatever the case, the mystery ensemble was debuted through Scogin’s Twitter account, accompanied by a video teaser of sorts and a new 7″ vinyl available for purchase, plus some merch to boot! OMG

Hard to say if this new shit will jam with authority or not, but I’m definitely diggin’ the direction. ThePRP commenter Tom nails it in my eyes… “white stripes from above 1968”. For those of you who don’t habla espanol, he’s inferring that they resemble a musical marriage between The White Stripes and Death From Above 1979… both favorites of mine. So if Scogin wants to offer up his interpretation of that sort of sound through ’68, you can bet your sweet buns I’m down.

Enjoy the clip below, and follow my lead in stuffing dollars in Scogin’s pockets. Go order the new seven inch, hood rats.


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