Battlecross Show Love For the Hood


One last stroke-off session before I get back to the usual shenanigans. I wanted to celebrate a small victory for the Hood. Back in July of last year, I posted a lil’ breakdown of Battlecross’ video, “Never Coming Back”, brim with my usual bullshit.

Much to my delight, the boys of Battlecross happened upon the post in Decemeber and were (seemingly) highly amused, taking to Facebook to share their approval. Now, this isn’t the first time I’ve gotten a bit of social media support for the blog (Disfiguring the Goddess, The Sword, This is Hell, and a few others have shown love), but this is far and away the most reaction the site’s received, and let me tell ya, the crowd doesn’t disappoint. If I had to pick a favorite comment, the honor would have to go to Dion Rahrig

Thank you for showing us how to write a review with a cock in your mouth. Gotta be hard to type while choking on dick.

It was my pleasure to serve you, Mr. Rahrig.

First of all, I was thrilled to have Battlecross talk of the site, let alone receive the message in the spirit in which it was intended. They could have easily misinterpreted the vibe and taken offense, but they didn’t, and even defended the post against fans that straight didn’t get it.

Second… I don’t give a fuck how hard you are, any time someone you don’t know personally props up your work, it always feels good. Aside from pushing for more open-minds in the metal & hardcore community, my motivation is to entertain. In addition to the band’s appreciation and some shit comments sprinkled in, there were plenty of random BROs who seemed to get a legitimate giggle from the post, and that is the highest praise I could imagine. Shit like that motivates me to keep chopping wood. Thanks to all that read and enjoyed.


Alright, enough self-congratulatory bullshit. Enjoy the Battlecross thread below and I’ll catch you on the flip-side, hood rats.



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