Comeback Kid and the Plight of Growing Up Hardcore

Comeback Kid Hardcore

Look, I haven’t always been the swaggadocious pussy hound you’ve all come to know and love. Even some of the most superior alpha specimens among us endured some awkward stages of development, and I’m certainly no exception. What I’m trying to say is that I ate a lot of Jack’s pizzas in my formative years.

Rocking a self-confidence rating right around zero, I held everyone’s opinion as more legitimate than my own. I think we may have all been there in our youth. We meet some rad BRO that, comparatively, has his shit together (which at that age means they have a car, a band that is basically just an ensemble of burnouts getting wasted every night, and a pretty sweet hairdoo) and is a little more in tune with the music scene than you are. He torches through a pack of reds every time you see him. He rattles off bands you’ve never heard of. He bangs out puss you yearn for. Just HAM sammiches left and right.

Of course, a decade later you realize they guy was peaking HARD and his life was on a collision course with a furious case of Gonorrhea, a couple bastards and a career in the food service industry, but at the time? GNARLY BRO.

This is how I came to know the musical stylings of the hardcore wrecking crew known as Comeback Kid. I was a butt-hurt young long-hair stocking shelves at the local Target when I first met Scenus Maximus, suave purveyor of the streetz. After big-leaguing the hell outta me, shooting down all my favorite bands as false, he bestowed upon me his infinite wisdom. What band did define as legit-as-fuck? COMEBACK KID.

Fact of the matter is he was probably as oblivious to my favorite bands at the time as I was his, but at that age, many of us are consumed with the one-upsmanship prevalent in metal fandom rather than celebrating a shared passion. I, of course, initially resented the idea that any band I didn’t already know could possibly be legit, so I didn’t buy in. Thankfully, I grew the fuck up and got on board.

Which brings me to this little tidbit:


Now I wasn’t in attendance for Never Say Never Fest, so I can only assume Mr. Hiebert is being honest in his assessment of how well received CBK were at the festival and not just taking jabs. In which case, it bums my shit out. Not because I like CBK, and therefore, everyone should, but because I’m an advocate of camaraderie between fans of extreme music. Maybe that shit is going out of style in favor of the aesthetically obsessed, flavor-of-the-month club, maybe it’s always been there and I’m simply more aware of it as an elder, but regardless, I implore all to cut the shit. Live by the code.

Anyway, I like Comeback Kid and you should too. Their new record, “Die Knowing” is solid, and brim with it’s collection of bangers prime for a live setting. Pick up “Die Knowinghere and mosh your dick off to their new video, “Should Know Better” below. It goes hard. Doods blowing shit up, shotgunning brews, swinging from the rafters, burning heaters, the whole bit. Pretty sure I saw a blow torch. Enjoy.


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