Let’s Get Weird with a New Video from Destrage

Destrage Metal

I think I’ve been pretty upfront in admitting that, as Forrest Gump once said, “I’m not a smart man”, especially when it comes to my music consumption. Generally speaking, what tickles my peen is rarely the sophisticated and accomplished. More often than not, I favor shit with a high fun-factor, brim with catchy riffs. I also have a penchant for the weird & widdly, as evidenced by my love for bands like Protest the Hero, Sikth, Dillinger, Dog Fashion Disco, Fall of Troy, Arusha Accord… shit like that. Not to say those fine chaps aren’t competent artists, obviously, but you know what I’m fuggin’ saying.


So you could imagine my delight stumbling across the rambunctious new one from Italy’s Destrage during my Tuesday routine of checking out Chad Bowar’s new metal releases list. I always hit that shit up, as well as the release list over at theprp.com, and peruse through the artists I haven’t heard before. Then I hop on last.fm, sample some tunes on YouTube, throw the mint shit onto a Spotify playlist… party time USA.

Anyway, I threw “Destrage” into the search box and stumbled across their new video for “Purania“, a track that immediately launched me into full-on convulsions. Foaming at the mouth, shitting my pants, etc. Translation: I was on board.

Once I dug into the record, I knew hitting that LIKE button on the Destrage Facebook page was totally justified (DOES A HIGHER PRAISE EXIST?). Executed with an endearing and frantic energy, Destrage’sAre You Kidding Me? No.” confidently blitzes through the entire encyclopedia of extreme music genres, achieving something unique yet palatable. Fuck, I even love the clean vocals. Wookubus puts things far more eloquently:

A noisy, unhinged racket that mixes screeched vocals with grungy croons and crunchy riffs with progtastic shred clinics; it rightfully dazes during initial listens.

Indeed, noble sir. Read his full review here.

So 420 blaze it and crank up “Purania“. It’s a fucking weird time. You can also pick up their new record here.

Bonus Link: Remember the Harlem Shake? Here’s Destrage doing it right.


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