Extinction A.D. Leave No Head Unbanged in “Mummified”

Plague Prophecy

LAWDY. There’s so much to discuss and peddle, so let’s get rowdy like Rob Bironas and see if we can’t kamikaze this bitch into a drainage culvert. TOPICAL!

Extinction A.D. deserve your money. All of it. And your girlfriend. And your lunch money.

Now, if you don’t pony up, I’m not planning to track the I.P. to your home address with intent to set up shop outside your bedroom window wearing nothing but a ski mask and a threatening grimace to skin and grill small rodents from your yard… NOTHING LIKE THAT. I’m simply suggesting you give some righteous BROs a few of your PREEEECIIOOOUS student loan dollars in exchange for some balls out thrash. This is a no-lose scenario here, ask Siri.

So, how did I discover Extinction A.D., you ask? LET ME REGALE YOU WITH THE TALE. I love This is Hell. Rick Jimenez is in This is Hell. Rick Jimenez is harsh as fuck. Rick Jimenez is the mastermind behind Extinction A.D.. The end.

I blindly backed this project as soon as I heard about it because, straight up, plain-and-simple, period-point-blank, A-to-the-motherfucking-k, homeboy… Rick writes sick riffs of the relentless variety, drenched in a peculiar stank that is all his own. If his stage presence is any indication, it’s a particularly pungent stank at that. Motherfucker performs with PASSION. Devotees will understand my affinity for the man, given his massive pythons and disdain for sleeves. Brick shithouse.

Anyway, once some demo work had arrived, it was too late. I had gone full-retard, and two tracks just wasn’t going to satiate my need for speed. The wait was on for a complete work. EP, LP, Grand Prix, cat pee… I didn’t give a fuck, I just wanted another slice of that SWEET, SWEET PIE.

Randy SavageLuckily for me, the entitled cunt that I am, I didn’t have to wait long for Extinction A.D.’s first legit EP, “Plague Prophecy“, to come flying off the top turnbuckle and blast my ass into next week like a “Macho Man” Randy Savage elbow drop. Fast, loud, and pissed… the utter destruction invoked through these boys’ up-beat brand of thrash rivals the devastation left in the wake of my visits to the men’s room. NO PRISONERS. NO SURVIVORS.

I’m definitely still achin’ for a full 12 inches of Extinction A.D. (if you smell what the Juice is juicin’), but “Plague Prophecy” is one helluva cock-tease that knows how to mind the balls. Alright, this metaphor has gotten away from me.

Enjoy the terror tornado of testicle-twisting thrash unleashed by Extinction A.D. in their latest video, “Mummified“, below and be sure to pay your debt to the scene and pick up “Plague Prophecy”. Do it. Jeff Hanneman would because he’s way cooler than you, but he’s dead, so it’s your responsibility now. Ts & Ps.


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