About was founded in January 2012 for the sole purpose of providing me an outlet to crack wise and promote bands doing good shit the right way. The opinions expressed on this site are just that, OPINIONS. If you take this obnoxious shit seriously or interpret my opinions as facts, it would be beneficial to mankind that you be sterilized immediately. Some facts may be sprinkled in, but truths will be disregarded at every opportunity for hilarity. Deal with it.

Don’t get it twisted. I’m not some insider, musician, journalist, someone with any street cred whatsoever, or even a writer… I’m just a 29-year-old late-bloomer that grew up on a farm and got into music for the first time when I was around 15 years old. I got a copy of White ZombieAstro-Creep 2000” from my uncle and become infatuated with the metal. Shit snow-balled from there. Took me a while to be enlightened to the music underground, and my personal revolution came with the acquisition of 56K internet and, namely, Napster. I’ve been adamantly following the metal, death metal, grindcore, black metal and hardcore punk scenes ever since.

The goal of this site is simple: make metal nerds giggle. I strive to keep things positive and occasionally promote the idea of being a true music fan open to different approaches and genres instead of embodying some butthurt stereotype who feels the need to live within some predefined constraints. Too many pompous douche bags. Let your freak flag fly, baby. Take the advice of the accomplished Pauly D, “DO YOU, SON”.


Got a news tip, hot band, or hilarious YouTube find that demands the attention of the staff? Hit us up directly and we’ll probably cover it… because research sux.

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